Mystical new marine species and underwater flora

Although NASA is spending billions, on space exploration, there is a whole world right here on Earth that needs exploring. With mystical new marine species and underwater flora, our planet's deep oceans truly are remarkable.

Forest Beneath the Sea

Recently deep sea divers, discovered something out of the ordinary. A forest made from glass sponge like underwater plants. Not as colourful as coral reefs, these forests provide something different and unique in their own way. The huge underwater forest helped to develop a different 'perspective' toward life according to the divers who reached this mystic land.

Stunning images of these jelly like forests, have been giving us a peek into the underwater world.

These forests home many 'glass sponges', a species of underwater plant that are reminiscent of alien planets from old-school sci-fi films!

A lot of different species of fish have also been discovered along with the forests.

Dandelion Animal

A beautiful new species of jelly fish has been discovered, which is now called the dandelion animal. The name given so appropriately is because of how the fish looks. With tentacles like the dandelion, this fish uses its tentacle to float and swim in the deep waters.

Beauty within these oceans, is available in the plenty. Flora as well as fauna in the oceans reflect a lot about what our ecology stands for. The Northern Mariana Islands are home to many more beautiful plant and fish species. Most of them endangered.

Divers who saw these beautiful forests, and fish, compared it to an experience of exploring a different planet. "Every time we do these dives, all I can think about is, this is the type of experience someone would have if they found life on another planet," one of the researchers says.

New species are discovered every year in the oceans and seas of the world. The Mariana Trench is believed to be the home of many unseen creatures. However, divers are wary of the dangers of the Mariana Trench and it's depth

Home to some of the most exotic whales and dolphins in the entire world, the Northern Mariana Islands must be protected and taken care of, just like our other remaining water bodies. Use of plastics, oils, along with other man made hindrances, should be monitored in order to keep these beautiful underwater ecologies safe and intact.

The depths of the Mariana Trench can go up to almost 11 kilometres in depth, and the deeper we go, the stranger the fish. An atmospheric pressure of about 15 tonnes can has limited exploration. Only two expeditions have gone to the bottom of trench so far. Both revealing new species that are not particularly common in shallow waters. It is still believed to be the home of some of the most dangerous, yet marvellous underwater creatures.

Rather than looking at foreign planets for alien life, we must put more efforts in exploring the beauty within our world. We must focus on Conserving wildlife and underwater fauna, in order to see a healthy balance between plants, animals and humans on this planet. The Earth is a majestic planet, and to experience it to the fullest, we must take care of her properly.

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