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Your contribution makes it possible for us to grow awareness for a cleaner beach.

Our volunteer organization would not exist without YOUR help. Your generosity helps support our weekly cleanup effort and puts supplies into the hands of our volunteers.

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We are currently looking for:
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Garbage pickers

Plastic bins

Wood hangers

Packing tape

➔ Clothing racks

➔ Used beach cruiser bicycles

➔ Bicycle accessories

➔ Used surfboards

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Merchandise Partners

We are looking for someone that can help with creating stickers and embroidery.

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Cleanup Crew Volunteer Gear

All merchandise proceeds benefit our cleanup efforts.

Become a Sponsor

Different sponsorship opportunities available. Contact us to find out more.



Plastic negative beverage

Himawari Sushi

Try the new Dr. Unk Sushi Roll

Vintage Shirt Subscription

Vintage vibes delivered to your door

Jon Dab Electrical Contractors

516-806-2311 - Licensed in Long Beach

Thank you for the continued support!