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ExtremeTerrain's Clean Trail Grant Program - GET $250 FOR A TRAIL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT

This program will provide eligible groups the opportunity to apply for a grant to fund their next trail improvement related project, which could range from trail clean-up, trail restoration, trail expansion, to name a few.

Various Wrangler and 4x4 groups and organizations as well as publicly and privately owned off-road trails are all invited to apply for the grant. Starting in 2018, we will also provide grants to groups or organizations that manage projects to clean up and maintain nature preserves, walking/hiking trails and public parks as a match to the off-road clubs. Here at ExtremeTerrain, we respect the integrity of the landscape we drive on, and strive to leave the trails we ride better than we found them.


- To be considered, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

- Organize or belong to a Wrangler/4x4 group/club with more than 5 members

- Organize or belong to an environmental organization/club with more than 5 members

- Own or work at a private or public off-road park

- Organize or belong to an OHV Organization with more than 5 members

- Organize a trail clean-up project with a dedicated 4x4/off-road purpose


Proof of your affiliation with organization/club/park

Must have a club or organization website (not a social media page)

Must provide digital photo of trail improvement project

Action shots of volunteers preferred!

Completion of application form

Organization's are eligible once per year up to two years

Grant should be used for one of the following:

Tools needed for trail cleaning/restoration/expansion

Food and non-alcoholic beverage for all volunteers

Promotional materials used to attract volunteers

Miscellaneous trail improvement expenses

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